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Welcome to Mother Earth Pilates!

A Pilates studio in the premises of Danshuset City at Fridhemsgatan 28 in the district of Kungsholmen in Stockholm. A studio with STOTT Pilates apparatus!

We offer you: One to one training, PT or semi private training, Duo, in the Pilates machine studio (in English) and Matwork in a dance studio.
GROUP training on the Mat in a Dance studio with a maximum of 8 participants. We use different tools like fitness ring, weight balls and flex band to vary the exercises and challenge the body.

Contact:  0733 - 12 82 12

Benefit from work out on the Reformer, the Chair, the Barrel the V2max, a combination of a Cadillac and a Reformer and of course on the Mat. Depending what is best for you. If you want to you are provided with Mat exercises that you can practice at home.

Take the opportunity to work out with a friend on the Pilates Reformer machines and benefit from a both challenging and soothing training.

One to one (Private) 700 Sw. crowns for 60 min.
Semi-private 2 persons: 400 Sw. crowns/person.
If you buy 5 or 10 classes at the same time there is a reduction. 


If you are a group of four people or more we can offer you Matwork training in one of the dance studios (in English). If you know some Swedish you are welcome to join an ordinary group class. (The instructions will be given in both languages).

Price: 1.700 for a course of 10 classes
One group training class 200 Sw. crowns

Pilates is both a challenging and gentle training. It's a great workout that will help you to increase your flexibility and strength, and improve your posture. The exercises originate from the stabilising muscles of the abdominal, back and pelvis and are engaging the entire body. It is equally suitable for elite training as well as for rehabilitation.


Personal training means that you work individually with the instructor who gives you inspiration and the ability to improve your training.

If you are athletic and are exercising a lot to refine your technique, increase your flexibility, coordination and balance, Pilates machine training is invaluable. Dancers and athletes regularly use these machines.

If you have pain in your body or if you want to get into shape after a strain or an injury, Pilates machine training is an excellent option. The training is effective and gentle.  With the help of a conscious breathing pattern and by using good technique you can start exercise again with low resistance from the machines and put your focus on mobility and stability.
You will be provided with mat exercises, that you can practice at home. 

Joseph Pilates said about the effects of the training:
"After 10 sessions you feel the difference
 after 20 sessions you see the difference
  after 30 sessions you have a new body"  

Charlotte Assarsson  is certified as STOTT Pilates instructor on Level 1 and 2, Matwork, Reformer, CCB, ISP. The education and certification was made at the Stockholm Pilates Center under the direction of Mrs. Carita Lesche. After this Charlotte has regularly continued educating herself, and she was certified as a Garuda instructor.

Charlotte has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2006 and has had both individual workout on Pilates apparatus and Matwork group training. Since 2012 she has her own Pilates apparatus studio, Mother Earth Pilates.

Charlotte has a background as a professional ballet dancer and musical artist with a carrier at the Gothenburg Opera Ballet, the Swedish Royal Ballet, the Oscar's Theater and the Swedish National Theater Center in Stockholm. 

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